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"My association with Cintsa Thatching started in 2006 with a structural design and specification for the King Sandile Trust...I was involved in the design of the roof structure as well as the timber suspended floor to a restaurant. During this project it became evident that I enjoyed working with Cintsa Thatching and in particular Jonathan. His workmanship and attention to detail is of paramount importance and this entrenched my commitment to our working relationship.
We have since completed many projects together and I hope we will continue to do so in the future."

Chris Clack
Chris Clack & Associates, Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers

"In reference to the work that Cintsa Thatching completed at Cottage 11 Chintsa Chalets during January 2011. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your good, sound advice and personal interest in solving our thatching and leaking problems which we experienced over the last 3 years. As a result of your involvement, reliability and the efficiency of yourself and your staff members the job was completed to our satisfaction and with no comebacks."

Hilde Viljoen
Viljoen Prokureurs/Attorneys



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Cintsa Thatching & Roofing- Creative Designs the Natural Way

Thatch roofs, large thatching projects & thatched roof maintenance

◊ Trained & experienced team of thatchers

◊ All structural work overseen by a qualified engineer

◊ Guarantees provided on all thatching & workmanship

◊ Highest quality thatching and finishing available - Cintsa Thatching will not cut corners or costs

◊ Cintsa Thatching is a full member of the Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA)

Thatch Fire Protection methods and services - Eastern Cape

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Thatch Lapas and Lapa images

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Why Choose Cintsa Thatching?
Why choose Cintsa Thatching?

Cintsa Thatching refuses to cut corners or costs...

Thatchers Association of South Africa
Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA):

Who are they & why is it important to choose a thatching contractor who is a member of TASA?

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Cintsa Thatching Joins Youtube!


We thought it was about time that we joined the world of youtube! So here it is - an new clip showcasing Cintsa Thatching's products, work, and the services available to you in South Africa. Enjoy!


2 Interesting Thatch Lapa Designs


A thatch lapa is the perfect excuse to get creative and create your dream outdoor entertainment area. Cintsa Thatching has had over 10 years of experience in building thatch lapa's of all shapes and sizes, to suit all gardens, decks and entertainment areas. The last two lapa's thatched by our team really stood out to us and we wanted to share some of the ideas with you!

"Formal" Thatch Lapa Structure and Shape

This lapa, situated on a deck by a swimming pool in a game lodge, has a beautiful shape and fits in with the shape and structure of the surrounding buildings.

Thatch Lapa Design

The lapa has two open sides and is supported by tree 
trunks - giving a rustic finish

Thatch Lapa Design

The back "walls" of the lapa are thatched and the
smooth curved finish is added to create a
modern, smooth shape from the back and side angles

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The REAL Cost of Thatching; The Men on the Ground


The Cintsa Thatching TeamThatching is classed as a "green" roofing product due to the natural, organic nature of the majority of the materials used in the roof, the way they are harvested and applied to the roof. This latter point - the way the thatch is applied to the roof - is worth looking into a little bit more deeply. Thatching a roof is very labor intensive and uses almost 100% man-power as opposed to using machinery to build or make, and fit it. When asking for a quotation for a new roof, or for thatch to be maintained, it is very easy to forget this aspect of the work - the team of workers who will be doing the work, and their position in the construction company.

It is worth considering (and asking the contractor about) their team of laborers and thatchers to ensure that you are not supporting maltreatment of staff. The following points need to be considered: 

1. Are the team paid at least minimum wage and are extra skills and responsibilities taken into consideration in the pay scheme? It is common practice in the construction industry for contractors to subcontract a local team to do the work and agree to pay a square meter rate (e.g., the job is 100 square meters and the subcontractor will earn R 500.00 per square meter not matter how many laborers there are onsite, how long the job takes and a number of other variables) - this practice promotes the subcontractor rushing to finish jobs and under-paying their hard working staff to maximize profits (and in the end, a very poor job is done). It is often the case in this instance that the main subcontractor is not paying the laboring staff well and/or at all.

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How to Bring Light into a Thatched Rondavel


We currently have a thatching team in Mvezo - the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, near Mthatha in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where a big Cultural Centre is being developed. The Cintsa Thatching team are currently completing the thatching of 10 rondavels. This circular building is very traditional in South Africa, especially in the rural Eastern Cape, and the buildings are traditionally thatched. Often these buildings can become quite dark and gloomy inside with only small windows around the outer walls and a wooden entrance door.

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Mthatha Conference Centre Completed by Cintsa Thatching


After being awarded the tender to thatch Wonkumuntu Conference Centre at Mthatha Ultra City in the Eastern Cape earlier this year the project drew to a close around two months ago. With highly engineered pole structures and a stunning finish to the thatching work this large project is a testament to the quality of work done by the Cintsa Thatching team.

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