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"My association with Cintsa Thatching started in 2006 with a structural design and specification for the King Sandile Trust...I was involved in the design of the roof structure as well as the timber suspended floor to a restaurant. During this project it became evident that I enjoyed working with Cintsa Thatching and in particular Jonathan. His workmanship and attention to detail is of paramount importance and this entrenched my commitment to our working relationship.
We have since completed many projects together and I hope we will continue to do so in the future."

Chris Clack
Chris Clack & Associates, Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers

- - -

"We finally did it! We converted our thatch to a tile roof using a product called onduvilla.

No dust, leaks, no more wind chill. Living in the windy City of Port Elizabeth we have serious wind previously gusting through the thatch (absolutely freezing in winter) we were forever living in fear of bush fires and lightning storms. Maintenance on the forever decaying Thatch is now a thing of the past.

Jonathan's crew have an amazing work ethic, we have tackled major renovations in the past but nothing on this scale and their workmanship is inspiring, clean, neat and steady.

Thank you for giving us a new home."

Colin & Helen Saunders
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape




All Out Adventures based in KwaZulu-Natal are putting together a list of thatching resources>>

Shade sails are an affordable option to provide shade and shelter in any outdoor area. Shade Guru provides custom-made shade sails in the East London area.

Eastern Cape Thatching & Roofing Company

Specialists in Thatching and Roofing on Conference Centres, Lodges, B&B's, Residential Houses and more...

Thatch roofs, large thatching projects & thatched roof maintenance

◊ Trained & experienced team of thatchers & roofers

◊ All structural work overseen by a qualified engineer

◊ Guarantees provided on all thatching, roofing & workmanship

◊ Highest quality thatching and finishing available - Cintsa Thatching will not cut corners or costs

◊ Cintsa Thatching is a full member of the Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA)

**It has come to our attention that a rogue trader in the East London area is attending quotes under the name of Cintsa Thatching. Please note that all of our site foremen and general managers wear Cintsa Thatching uniforms and t-shirts to attend quotes. Our vehicles are also company branded. We advise against allowing any contractor into your home or business without proof of their position at the company represented.**

Considering converting your thatched roof to an alternative roofing solution?

Cintsa Thatching CEO Jonathan Bosazza has developed a specialist system for the conversion of thatch roofs to tiles, without stripping and re-building the existing structure. The system uses Onduvilla tiles which are a premium roofing product from the Onduline group.

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Thatch Fire Protection methods and services - Eastern Cape

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Thatch Lapas and Lapa images

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Why Choose Cintsa Thatching?
Why choose Cintsa Thatching?

Cintsa Thatching refuses to cut corners or costs...

Thatchers Association of South Africa
Thatchers Association of South Africa (TASA):

Who are they & why is it important to choose a thatching contractor who is a member of TASA?

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Cintsa Thatching Blog

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Latest Articles from Cintsa Thatching...

Event Scaffolding in East London


Cintsa Thatching has recently invested in a new division of the construction business. Having trained scaffolding erectors and inspectors on board the team to comply with building health and safety regulations, it has also come to our attention that these skills are in demand in other sectors of construction, namely the events scaffolding arena.

Cintsa Thatching's team of experienced and trained scaffolding erectors and inspectors have teamed up with Eastern Cape events company Sounds Fantastic in order to provide events scaffolding to big music, government and private sector events in and around the East London area.

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A Newly Converted Thatch to Onduvilla Roof in Port Elizabeth


Thatch roof before converting to tiles
Thatch roof before conversion

Thatch roof converted to onduvilla tiles
Thatch roof after converting to shaded brown onduvilla tiles

We pride ourselves on doing a good job - on using top quality materials, trained staff who work hard and almost 15 years of experience in roofing to guide decisions and build sound, solid roofs, but our job is made easier when we work with clients such as the family we recently worked with in Port Elizabeth.

We were hired to convert their old thatched roof which was fraught with problems, to an onduvilla tile roof. The original roof structure was to be kept in tact and a thatch ceiling to be installed, keeping the look of the thatch from the inside of the house.

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Why Convert a Thatched Roof to Tiles?


We are finding that the trend of converting thatched roofs to tiles or other roofing solutions is picking up momentum. There are a lot of reasons why thatch home owners might consider converting their thatched roofs and surprisingly, the process doesn't have to be as expensive or invasive as you might imagine.

Thatch Roof before conversion
Problematic thatch roof before conversion - you can see the
ridge on the left-hand building bending

Thatch roof converted to onduvilla tiles
Thatch roof converted to tiles

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Change a Thatch Roof to Onduvilla Tiles


Recently we have had a lot of clients looking for an alternative roofing solution to thatch but not necessarily wanting to lose the shape and curve of their existing roofs. At Cintsa Thatching we offer two suitable, lightweight solutions to this problem. The first - Onduline roof sheeting - has been discussed quite a lot recently on our blog (you can read the articles here: "Combining Onduline and Thatch on a Roof" and "Onduline Over-Sheeting on Thatch Roofs").

The second solution is a premium roofing tile by Onduline, called Onduvilla.

The thatch roof before converting to onduvilla tiles
The thatch roof before converting to onduvilla tiles

The tiled roof after the conversion from thatch
The tiled roof completed

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Combining Onduline & Thatch on a Roof


The aesthetics of a thatch roof can't be beaten; thatch is warm and rustic and blends into the environment around it... but in some situations thatch just isn't practical.

The Cintsa Thatching team have, over the last few years, had regular work on a residential house right on the beach on the Wild Coast. This stunning house was unfortunately thatched in the wrong thatch type for the climate, this as well as the fact that it is surrounded by tropical palms and inaccessible overhanging trees mean that the thatch roof was permanently rotting, leaking and causing endless headaches.

We were asked to come up with a solution - how could our client keep the beautiful aesthetic of the thatch and the curved roof shapes, but get rid of the constant problems of particular areas of the thatch leaking and rotting?

The solution?

A Combined Thatch and Onduline Roof

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Onduline Over-Sheeting on Thatch Roofs


Onduline Over-Sheeting on Leaking Thatch RoofOnduline is an extremely economical, flexible roofing product made from bitumen saturated organic fibres and sold in sheets to be fitted to residential or industrial roofs large and small. Onduline is a great product to use for "over-sheeting" which is the practise of fitting a new roofing solution over the top of an old, leaking or eroded roof. Onduline is a particularly good product to use for over-sheeting a thatched roof due to its flexible nature which means that the original shape of the thatched roof can be maintained - curves and all.

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The Best Thatched Roof of the Year!


At the recent congress of the International Thatching Society (ITS) in Cape Town, all the delegates presented an image of their best work to join in with a photo competition and choose the best thatched roof of 2014. Some of the entries were absolutely stunning and we thought we'd share!

Check out some of the best entries which stood out to us...

ITS Photo Competition - examples of thatched roofs internationally

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Click through our gallery of "Before and After" work images!