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Build New Roof Structure for Onduvilla

Onduvilla looks great when used as a standard roofing tile and is applied to straight edged, straight angled roofs. Although many clients who choose to use onduvilla to convert from a thatched roof want to keep the original shape and design of the roof, onduvilla also gives the option to adapt the roof structure to that of a more conventional shape and style, or to increase the size of the roof to suit refurbishments in the home.

Onduvilla tiles hold the shape of the lightweight substructure of the roof. Insulation and ceilings are also installed during the building of the roof.

Below is an example of a roof which was originally thatched and then converted to Onduvilla while renovating the shape of the roof:

Original thatched roof before the conversion to onduvilla Original thatched roof Thatched roof being stripped of thatch Stripping of original thatch roof structure Stripping of original thatched roof structure Original roof stripped of thatch structure
The process of stripping the original thatched roof structure

Rebuilding the roof structure to hold onduvilla



The roof structure was then re-built with staright angles and an additional overhang to provide shelter on the upstairs deck...


Roof branderings, insulation and ceilings were added



Once the main structure of the roof was completed shutterboard ceiling boards, insulation and wooden branderings to hold the onduvilla tiles were installed...


Onduvilla being installed on the new roof structure



Onduvilla tiles can then be added to the structure.



Onduvilla roof completed Shutterboard ceiling and poles in white
Onduvilla roof completed with fascia boards, matching ridging and a skylight. Internal view of
shutterboard and pole ceilings in white.

Straight angles and lines of the new onduvilla roof Straight angles at the corner of the onduvilla roof with matching ridging applied
Clean straight angles and edges on the new onduvilla roof

For a quotation to get your roof converted to or built in Onduvilla, call Jonathan 082 780 5725.