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Thatch Roof Conversions to Onduvilla

Onduvilla can be installed onto the existing substructure of a thatch roof. The tile is flexible enough to follow the curves and contours of the roof keeping the aesthetics and lines of the design and meaning minimal alteration to the roof structure and building.

Once the thatch is stripped from the roof, the original roof poles are kept in place while your choice of ceiling is fitted. Once the ceiling is fitted, insulation is also laid along with the wooden branderings which will hold the onduvilla.

Thatch roof being converted to Onduvilla Onduvilla being fitted to thatched roof
The process - thatch is removed from the original structure, a new ceiling is fitted to the roof, insulation is installed and then wooden branderings and onduvilla tiles

The onduvilla tile is then fastened to the branderings with matching safe-cap screws, drainage valleys and ridging.

Original thatched roof Onduvilla installed on to thatched roof structure
A thatched roof before & Onduvilla roof after work was completed

Gable ends of the original thatched roof The gable ends with onduvilla installed
Original thatched gable ends and the onduvilla gable ends with ridging sections

Curves and contours of the original thatched roof Onduvilla curves and contours
The onduvilla curves and flexes to keep the shape and aesthetics of the original roof structure

Some clients prefer to adapt their old thatched roof structure to create a more angular roof with straight edges and angles - Onduvilla is also perfect for this type of roofing on lightweight structures.

Thatch roof before onduvilla conversion Onduvilla roof after conversion from thatch
Thatch roof before adaptation and after the work is completed, with onduvilla applied

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