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Thatch Fire Retardant Blanket

Cintsa Thatching uses a fire blanket made of glass fibre fabric which is applied to thatch roofs to prevent the spread of fire. The blanket acts as protection for the roof pole structure, internal/ external layer of thatch and internal contents of the building by stopping flames from getting through to all the layers of thatch and spreading throughout the entire roof and building.

If a fire begins on the inside of the roof (through an electrical spark for example), the flame will be stifled when in hits the fire blanket and unable to burn through to the outer layer of thatch and access oxygen from the outside. If the fire begins on the outside of the roof the blanket will stifle the flames and prevent the flames from penetrating the inner layer of thatch and sucking oxygen from the inside of the house to grow.

The fire blanket also prevents dust from falling into the house as the thatch ages - a common problem with older thatch roofs and is perforated allowing adequated aeration.

The fire blanket does not prevent a flame from catching but dramtically reduces the spread of fire and rate of growth allowing time for the fire to be extinguished


A thatch fire retardant blanket can only be applied to newly thatched roofs. The blanket is woven in between the layers of thatch as they are added to the roof creating a membrane which covers the entire roof. Thatch roof preferably stiched with stainless steel wire stays.

Application of a fire blanket onto a thatch roof The Cintsa Thatching team fitting a fire retardant blanket to a thatched roof A Thatch roof in the process of being thatched with a fire blanket

The fire blanket is applied during thatching and adds minimal additional time to the process.

The fire blanket is invisible from both inside and outside of roof.

TUV SUD Tested

Cintsa Thatching uses Tech-Tex fire retardent blanket which has been tested by TUV SUD (PSB Corporation). Download the test reports by clicking on the options below:

TUV SUB - Spread of Flame Test
Material Data Sheet


The cost of installing fire blanket depends on the roof area and location of the property.



Cintsa Thatching will provide a certificate stating that the fire blanket has been fitted. This can be presented to insurance providers as proof of fire protection.

No Re-application Neccessary

The fire retardent blanket does not need to be re-applied and will protect a thatch roof from fire through the entire lifespan of the roof. A new fire blanket will need to be installed when the roof is re-thatched.

In accordance with new fire regulations, all new thatch buildings need to have a fire rational design by an qualified fire engineer. Cintsa Thatching can implement the stipulated system laid out by the engineer.

For a quotation or advice on protecting a thatch roof from fire contact us.

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