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Thatch Fire Retardant Spray

Thatch Marshal 8000 is a water-based fire retardant spray which not only prevents fire from spreading through thatch roofs but also seals the thatch making it more water resistent, less easy for birds and monkeys to damage, resistent to fungus and rot and can also protect against the suns UV rays. The water-insoluble phosphate used in Thatch Marshall imparts flame-retarding properties, limits run-off with rainwater and prolongs the fire retardant properties of the treated thatch.

The fire retardant spray is non-toxic, and safe for both inhabitants of the home or building and for the people working with it.

The spray does not prevent a fire but reduces the rate in which the flame would normally spread and grow, allowing someone to get to the roof and extinguish the fire before any major damage is done.


Thatch Marshall 8000 can be applied to both old and new thatch roofs. The roof is sprayed inside and outside with special attention to all edges and corners. The liquid is sprayed onto the thatch using a high pressure spray pump.

The application takes approximately 10square meters per hour and the spray cures totally in between 30 minutes - 1.5 hours dependent on weather conditions. The spray can only be applied on clear sunny days.

Fire Retardent Spray applied to outside of roof as fire protection Fire Retardant Spray applied to edges of roof as fire protection Fire retardant spray applied to inside of roof as fire protection

It is important to use a contractor who is fully trained in the application of Thatch Marshall 8000; a specific amount of the liquid must be applied to each section of the roof to ensure that there is adequate coverage and the house is fully protected.

Once dried and cured you cannot see the spray; it does not discolour the thatch.

Download Thatch Marshall 8000 test reports by clicking on the options below:

Material Safety Data Sheet (MDSS)


Dependent on the size and the roof location.

Please note that the cost is worked out using the roof area - not the floor area - of a building.

Guarantee & Certification

Cintsa Thatching will provide a 5 year guarantee for the application of Thatch Marshall 8000.


Thatch Marshall 8000 must be re-applied to the roof every 5 years to ensure full fire protection.


In accordance with new fire regulations, all new thatch buildings need to have a fire rational design by an qualified fire engineer. Cintsa Thatching can implement the stipulated system laid out by the engineer.

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